Who we are

Fulgent Solutions Inc is one of the leading IT firm, rendering paramount solutions which are in have a team of young and dynamic people, having experience in versatile industries and cater solutions which are top-notch. We break the complexities of the industry and render solutions which are extremely challenging for most IT firms. We are your one-stop-shop solution provider, to comprehensively analyze your requirements and render sustainable solutions. We understand the mounting demands across the globe and abreast ourselves to come with solutions which are reliable, scalable and ideal for companies to implement. We are the preferred solution provider for 500 clients. Our clientele has been earned by our diligent service, which was widely accepted firms across the globe, choosing us as their preferred partner.

A Winning Partnership

Why Fulgent

Technologies develop rapidly, making the yesterday’s solutions obsolete today.We are the leading service provider rendering unmatched solutions In terms of technology and competitive pricing. Our design-thinking strategies have emerged as the innovative solutions which involves versatile deep thinking process and state-of-the-art strategies. We believe in making tailor-made solutions rich in innovation and technology, as each firm has its own requirement, and one solution does not fit all. Our digital transformation has brought enormous growth and visibility with all the firms we partner with, and has leveraged extensive growth in terms of branding and enhanced business. Innovative technologies are the future, the firms are relying the most. We do consulting services from branding and re-branding to elevate your firm to a newer level and bring soaring success, visibility and ROI.


We integrate the underlining concepts of digital technology into all areas of your business. We reap the maximum benefit out of this paradigm-shift to reach newer heights of success, by delivering values driven by performance. Partnering with us in this massive transformation will enable you to experiment more and change your status quo. With enhanced agility and performance, drive your business with fullest prospective.


Through our comprehensive design thinking, we bring superlative results by combining various factors which brings results which are solid and distinct. Our inputs and thought process are influenced by various concepts across diverse streams which orchestrate the business. We combine the concepts ethnography, computer science, psychology, organizational learning along with the ideas and acumen or the firms we partner with, to deliver solutions with an edge over the competition.


The vision and clarity we have earned through the experience in the industry and the diverse projects we have worked with has helped us to make concrete solutions which are robust, scalable and invincible for the success of the firm. Our concrete thought process works on the factor of driving agile solutions which are accepted across many firms across the globe, who are willing to change and deliver promising solution for the gen-next.


Innovation is our oxygen. The purpose to be invincible has made us to reinvent ourselves constantly to derive the best solutions which optimize the growth of the business. We introduce novel concepts into our business to continually deliver paramount solution. We are driven by innovation which has its concrete foundation in technology and strategy. At Fulgent Solutions Inc, we believe in implementing solutions which are on par with the globe, but with the competitive price, without compromising the quality.