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Hospital Billing Services

Hospital billing services are an integral part of Fulgentt IT Solutions. We provide end-to-end medical billing services right from authorization to account receivables. Our experienced professionals understand the client’s requirement by deeply analyzing the scope of project, in order to reduce the error rate.

Having several years of experience in the hospital billing industry, Fulgent helps you get an end-to-end comprehensive solution at an affordable cost to achieve your billing needs. At the same time, we strongly follow our company’s compliance policies and industry standards to maintain the confidentiality of each and every project.

Authorization Services

Verification of insurance eligibility is the first and foremost step to apply for an insurance claim. Most denial of claims happen because of incorrect and insufficient information provided by the patient or the coverage information that is not being provided by the hospital.

It is vital to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information regarding insurance coverage, this is done to understand the patient’s eligibility to pay for healthcare services. This initial verification provides healthcare organizations to understand the patient’s coverage and insurance information.

Having incorrect insurance information could mean delayed payment or a denial. At Fulgent, we help insurance billing companies and hospitals by enabling our authorization services to verify the insurance eligibility

Management Services

At Fulgent, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to proper management services, expect only the best.

Account receivables plays a significant role in the medical billing system. Accounts Receivables directly impact the cash flow on the revenue management cycle system. At Axximum, our expert professionals help our clients manage their account receivables processes with ease.

It is a process of collection and proper management of denials to reduce the denial rate, in order to increase company revenue. We gather significant metrics to analyze and provide the feedback to the provider who denied the claim for the same reason.

Fulgent also provides audit management services with the help of its extremely skilled professionals to perform regular billing audits of the complete cycle. All correspondences received from CMS (Content Management Systems) are read carefully and all information requested by the correspondences are provided with zero time delay. Our Audit executives always include their explanatory notes to give insights on the data provided.

Health Data Management

At Fulgent, we value Health Data Management (HDM),where we systematically organize health data in the digital format. This comprises of Electronic Medical Records, Electronic Health Records, and medical transcribing.

We also help in with integrating the medical data for easy analysis, which makes patient care more efficient. Medical outcomes are easier to derive with insights backed by efficient data management, while ensuring privacy and security of the data involved.

Verification and Adjudication of Healthcare Claims

The process of adjudication plays a crucial factor, since it is a significant part in Healthcare claims, which ensures that the insurance benefits are rightly delivered to the insurer. The process is complex but makes sure that the medical claims are rightly addressed.

At Fulgent, we assist with Healthcare claims adjudication with our time and skillset to process records, bills and medical files in a timely and accurate manner, this makes claims settlement smoother and creates a favourable situation for the insurer.

Precision at its Finest. Annotation Like Never Before

Quality & Precision

Precision is everything when it comes to managing data annotations. Machine learning is tedious and requires precise & quality data.

Security With Privacy

Certified with SOC 2 TYPE 1, we maintain latest industry standards in terms of data security while working for our clients & ensuring privacy.

Scalable Service

Automating our processes & utilising skilled professionals to deliver results on time no matter how large, a complete scalable solution.