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ML AI Services

Training Data for AI & ML

The crux of Fulgent lies in Innovative Ideas, we help AI enterprises and other machine learning related businesses by providing efficient resources for all sorts of annotation, content moderation and other data processing services. Our data annotation services provide the best solutions for all AI and ML training requirements.

We ensure that our innovative minds at Fulgent utilise their knowledge and experience to meet your requirements while providing data security & confidentiality. Our workforce of expert annotators have years of experience in all sorts of annotation services such as text, image, audio & video.

What makes us special?

We provide high quality data that doesn't stop, every output we give to our clients keeps increasing, we love to test our limits on a daily basis and enjoy breaking our records. We specialize in providing workforce solutions that involve human expertise and quality checks in a multilayered process before final execution.

Fulgent offers amazing speed, quality & economic solutions that benefit our clients. Our partnerships span globally involving the USA and Europe. Join hands with Fulgent for a revolutionary future.

Why Choose Fulgent Solution?

We specialize in accurate and cost effective solutions for providing solutions to your AI and ML enterprise while harboring long standing relationships for continued support.

Hire the best when it comes to Data Annotation, and extend your team! We deliver precise and accurate data with consistency. Data annotation processes at Fulgent solution go through international data security standards for compliance, such as the GDPR, CCPA and SOC2 Type 1 certifications.

And while complying all these data security standards Cogito is committed to process, label or annotate all types of the data in a highly secured and encrypted environment delivering the clients a trust along with quality ensuring they can develop a feasible AI solution without any data security breach or privacy risk.

Precision at its Finest. Annotation Like Never Before

Quality & Precision

Precision is everything when it comes to managing data annotations. Machine learning is tedious and requires precise & quality data.

Security With Privacy

Certified with SOC 2 TYPE 1, we maintain latest industry standards in terms of data security while working for our clients & ensuring privacy.

Scalable Service

Automating our processes & utilising skilled professionals to deliver results on time no matter how large, a complete scalable solution.