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E-Publishing Services

Axximum is a well-established e-publishing service provider with an outstanding team to help companies publish their eBooks in order to succeed in their endeavors. By having several years of experience in the field of e-publishing we deeply understand that a successful e-book conversion can only be established by a company that has a deep knowledge of all the nuances. We have been providing top-notch support and world-class quality for self-publishing authors by helping them achieve the best results out of it.

With our professional support on conversions, one can publish their books digitally on multiple categories including education, kids, trade, comics, journals, digital catalogs, corporate, aerospace, legal, financial, digital magazines, institutional, and government documents.

Type setting

Typesetting is the process of arranging the texts in digital or physical format for the purpose of publishing and graphic designing. Axximum has an experienced team to perform this process of organizing and fine-tuning documents at extreme quality.

  • Copyediting
  • Composition
  • Graphics
  • Indexing
  • Proofread
  • Digital Transformation

    Enterprises that are in the field of publishing are constantly upgrading themselves with the help of the latest technology to remain in the real-world competition. This is simply known as digital transformation and, significantly it helps the authors to reach success in a short span of time.

    Digital Transformation is a series of processes in a system that varies depending upon the businesses to maximize the efficiencies created by the technological landscape. This completed transformation consists of five steps: content storage, metadata, discoverability, content agility, and automated collaboration.

    Project Management

    With several years of experience in the publishing industry, we also manage large document transformation processes with the help of experts in our company. Here are the types of projects we undertake:

  • Books
  • Encyclopedia
  • Journal
  • Magazine
  • Newsletter
  • Precision at its Finest. Annotation Like Never Before

    Quality & Precision

    Precision is everything when it comes to managing data annotations. Machine learning is tedious and requires precise & quality data.

    Security With Privacy

    Certified with SOC 2 TYPE 1, we maintain latest industry standards in terms of data security while working for our clients & ensuring privacy.

    Scalable Service

    Automating our processes & utilising skilled professionals to deliver results on time no matter how large, a complete scalable solution.